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On-Page SEO Checklist: The Basics of a Perfectly Optimized Page


On-Page SEO Checklist: 10 Steps To Search Engine Success

SEO, or search engine optimization, is one of the key aspects of making your website easy for users to find. While you may not be able to control how many people share your website or make a purchase on your page, you can optimize your site to increase the amount of traffic it receives. Here’s a quick checklist of thing things that a perfectly optimized page needs—

Great Content

It probably goes without saying, but if your content isn’t great, then it’s not going to be SEO-friendly. Quality content should answers users’ questions, provide relevant information for your audience, be original and engaging, link to different sources both within your website and on others’, and be well-written and utilize traditional grammatical conventions and spelling.

Headings and Subheadings

Headings and subheadings not only make your content look nicer and make it more SEO friendly by incorporating relevant information and keywords, but they also make the content easier for your audience to read. Use consistent fonts and font sizes for your headings and subheadings, and try to keep them around 60 to 100 characters.

Photos, Videos, and Graphics

One of the things that search engines and readers really love are great photos, videos, and graphics.  When choosing multimedia, make sure it fits your blog’s or website’s purpose, is attractive, offers something original, and is high quality – meaning that the resolution and size are both optimized. Additionally, add title descriptions that utilize keywords for true optimization.

Meta Descriptions

Meta descriptions are the short blurbs of text that are found directly under the website link on a search engine’s search results page. Meta descriptions provide a snippet of what the website’s about, and allow the user to gather some information before even visiting the site. As such, a meta description should be as engaging as possible, and should also use keywords to ensure that a search engine can pick it up.

While SEO is certainly a science that requires some thought and planning, good SEO strategy isn’t impossible. By creating content that’s relevant and engaging, using optimized subheadings and headings, incorporating high quality multimedia, and making sure your meta descriptions are on point, you’ll be well on your way to creating a perfectly optimized page.

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How to Choose the Best Online Real Estate Marketing Consultant

digital marketing consultantThe online marketing landscape is always changing. Professionals who make a living in online marketing need to keep themselves updated to be able to provide their clients with the best advice. They should be diligent when keeping up with all the search engine and social networking website updates.

Because of the dynamic nature of the internet marketing industry, you should choose consulting firms who focus on improving websites for specific niches. For the real estate niche, you should make sure that they can increase the number of prospective buyers that come to you every month. Here are some of the tips that you can use when looking for the best online real estate marketing consultant.

Research their track record and what previous clients say about them

Reviews can make or break a marketing firm. You should look for reviews about the marketing firms that you are interested in. Make sure however, that the sources of the review are credible. You can learn about the credibility of the reviews and the testimonials by checking the reputation of the website where the contents are posted.

Choose the ones who have experience in making online brands

In online marketing, brands are a lot easier to market than generic companies. Brand names become instant keywords that work for you. Website names that are also brand names do well in search engine rankings. You should make sure that the consultancy that you will hire knows the process of building an online brand. They should also have a lot of experience in building brands from their previous clients.

Ask for case studies from previous campaigns of other clients

If you want to learn about the success of the consultancy with their previous clients, you should look into the previous campaigns that they helped with. Ask for case studies of clients where they achieved favorable results. Let them explain to you how the campaign became successful and ask them if the same success can be replicated in your own future campaigns.

Tell them about your concerns and how they can help

To be able to know if they can help you, you should tell them about your online marketing goals and ask them how they can assist. By doing this, you will know about the techniques that they may use with your campaign and the time it will take to achieve your goals. Choose consultancies that can explain the techniques that they will use and which promises realistic results.

Blog Marketing Services for Corporations

If your blog is getting left behind in the constant competition that is online marketing, it may be time to make a change and invest in a blog marketing service. In order to increase your websites ranking, drive more traffic to your site, and improve your ROI, a blog marketing service can help.

What are Blog Marketing Services?

A blog marketing service’s main job is to attract more users to your page and improve your website ranking through search engines like Google. A blog marketing service will help you to create—or create for you—high quality content and a website that is user friendly and easy to navigate. Additionally, a blog marketing service can help you with any social media needs, can insert links appropriately, and will know which key words are best to use.

blog marketing services

Why You Should Use a Blog Marketing Service

People invest in blog marketing services for a variety of reasons, but most often the main purpose is to attract more followers or readers. However, you might also want to invest in a blog marketing service if you aren’t familiar with SEO or how to optimize a website; you don’t have the time to manage your website yourself; you’re not comfortable writing a blog; you don’t like writing; or you’re not sure what to write about. If any of these things apply to you, both you and your website will be better off by utilizing the services of a blog marketing company.

Blog marketing services can handle more than just blogs: if you need articles, press releases, newsletters, social media, or more, a blog marketing service can usually take care of it for you. Relieve yourself of the hassle and worry that’s associated with keeping a blog—let someone else manage and market your blog for your for the highest quality marketing available.

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Reasons to Redesign Your Website

A great website is a crucial aspect of a great business marketing plan, and if you have a website that’s out of date or needs a makeover, the time to act is now. If you unsure whether or not a website overhaul is really necessary, here are a few reasons why you absolutely need to redesign your website:

website redesign

Your Site Looks Unprofessional

There’s a big difference between a website that looks like it has professionals behind it and one that doesn’t. Even worse, a website that looks outdated or unprofessional reflects most poorly on you, and alludes to the fact that perhaps you’re amateurish, too. If you want to be taken seriously, you need to have a serious website.

Your Site is Hard to Navigate

Perhaps even worse than a site that looks like an unskilled person designed it is a site that is impossible to navigate for the user. As an Internet user yourself, you’re probably all too familiar with the frustration that accompanies a link that doesn’t work, a webpage that won’t open, or a piece of information missing that you just can’t find anywhere. If people are frustrated with your site because they can’t navigate it, chances are they’ll just move on to the next business.

Nothing is “Optimized”

If your website hasn’t recently been updated, there’s a good chance that most things on there aren’t optimized, or reaching their full potential. Are any site pictures cropped properly? Is your content SEO-friendly? Is the layout ideal for reading and navigating? If the answer to any of these questions is a shoulder shrug, then it’s time to redesign.

By redesigning your website, you can increase the amount of traffic your website receives, attract new followers, and maximize your business profits. In order to communicate clearly to those in the Internet world, your site should be updated immediately.

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How Video Marketing Creates Immediate SEO Results from

You can trace video marketing as an SEO tool back to May 16th, 2007 – the day Google introduced “Universal Search.”

Today, we take blended search results – video, text, PDF, blogs, and images – for granted, but just a few years ago people used to have to dig for video online. I know, it sounds barbaric.

But what’s more shocking is that here we are, seven years after blended results changed the way people search, and most marketers still haven’t realized how important video is for SEO.

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How to Survive the Coming Google SEO Apocalypse from

Getting a penalty from Google can mean lower search engine rankings, your site’s removal from its search index–even the death of your business. As Google continues to step up its war on spammy, over-optimized links, businesses must be more vigilant than ever in protecting their link profiles.

The search giant readily admits links will become devalued over time as Google finds other ways of gauging the relevance and popularity of a webpage. However, links are still very much an indicator of how high a page should rank today. Google has its hands full trying to sort out the good links from the bad and some webmasters will inevitably be caught in the crossfire.

How can you keep your link profile clean and avoid penalization in the upcoming SEO apocalypse?

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Does Corporations Need a Content Consultant?

Content marketing is an incredibly vital part of Internet marketing, and a poor content marketing strategy can result in a loss of customers, poor website visibility, and an ineffective conversion rate. If you want to remain competitive in the business world, a great content marketing campaign is essential, which is exactly why you need a content consultant.

What is Content Marketing?

For those who are a little unfamiliar with the term, content marketing refers to a marketing campaign that relies on content—such as blogs, photos, videos, or articles—to drive traffic to a website and, eventually, drive up a business’s profits. Since a successful content marketing campaign relies upon a variety of factors to truly be effective, attempting content marketing on your own can be both confusing and disastrous.

content marketing

The Benefits of a Content Consultant

A great content marketing campaign relies on more than just great content. In reality, a success strategy incorporates relevant key words, interesting pieces of information and attention-grabbers, a plan of action and schedule, interaction with clients and potential clients, a social media aspect, and knowledge of SEO. Not only do most business owners not know where to even begin, they often don’t have the time, either. A content consultant can provide you with tips as to what your content should contain, will look at the “big picture,” can hire expert writers, and will ultimately provide you with quality and effective content.

Why it Matters

If you haven’t already hired a content consultant, you’re falling behind your competitors by the minute. 9 out of 10 organizations market using content, and 68% of consumers spend time reading content that’s posted by brands they are interested in. In addition, 62% of companies are already outsourcing their content marketing. Add that to the fact that billions of people use search engines every day to find content on the web and make choices about where they’re going to spend their money, and you should be more than convinced that a content consultant is worth seeking out.


Outsource Company Newsletter

Company newsletters are a great way to provide customers with information about your business, provide people with information about what’s new for your company, advertise your business and expand your brand name, establish trust with your patrons, and expedite the sales process. However, a company newsletter that isn’t created effectively may do more harm than good; therefore, outsourcing the duty of creating your company newsletter to an experienced PR firm can save you time while generating the results you want.

The Benefits of Outsourcing Company Newsletter

Much like blogging, creating a company newsletter requires a large focus on content. Even more so, this content needs to be relevant to the reader, catchy and interesting, informative, and must provide the reader with a reason to be engaged. One benefiting of outsourcing the writing of your newsletter is that you’ll automatically be turning over the writing to professionals in the field. These professionals know exactly how to choose words that drive sales, how to structure sentences to ensnare the reader, and how to create content that effectively communicates the point.

Additionally, outsourcing your company newsletter will save you loads of time, as writing and structuring a newsletter is a big project.

outsource newsletter

Understanding Analytics

Not only will you be turning over one of your most trusted pieces of content to those who are experts in the field, but you’ll also be signing up for statistics and hard data when you outsource your newsletter. If you want to know which links are clicked in your newsletter, which headlines people read the most, and how many people are forwarding your newsletter to their friends and family, a PR firm can help you understand all these analytics and more.

If you want to save time, see real and understandable ROI, and create a newsletter that produces the desired result, you should consider outsourcing your company newsletter today.

Mod Girl Marketing, a boutique digital marketing firm, offers full service newsletter marketing. Learn more by visiting:

5 Secrets to Corporate Social Media Success from

Eighteen months ago, Walmart was at a crossroads that many businesses new to social media find themselves: It was aware that a presence on social media was important for its brand, but it was lacking a clear, defined strategy.

“We knew we had to have a Twitter page and knew we should be on Facebook, but what about Instagram and Flickr?” says Umang Shah, director of social strategy at Walmart. “We had individual presences but we didn’t really have a strategy about why we were there and what we were trying to accomplish.”

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3 Top Corporate Blogs to Inspire You from

Image Source:
Image Source:

Company blogs are now standard in every industry, from car manufacturers to cereal brands. However, not all company blogs were created equal – some businesses manage their online presence more successfully than others.

There are a number of sins in the corporate blogging world, including:

  • Posting solely about your own products
  • Using a blog primarily as a sales tool
  • Failing to create dynamic content
  • Neglecting a blog for months on end
  • Blogging under an obviously false persona
  • Failing to maintain the appearance of a blog